Simon DawesSimon is passionate about ODM, the company he founded in 1999. He started out as a sales exec for a field marketing company in the early 90’s and worked his way up, so he knows what the job at the sharp end entails. He grasped his entrepreneurial opportunity and has built the business based on integrity and a strong work ethic. Happy to roll up his sleeves and muck in, Simon’s a level-headed leader who inspires loyalty.

Ultra-competitive, Simon hates being second best at anything and is rarely not on the winning team. Outside of the office is a whirlwind schedule of children’s sporting commitments. But when he gets the chance he can be found on the tennis court or golf course, playing village cricket, skiing, sailing or travelling further afield to remote destinations to fly fish. If you ever get a dinner invite and he is cooking, don't turn it down!

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