Clients use us as a very effective way of engaging with customers, often supplementing existing in-house customer communication channels. Many services and products can be very effectively presented through advertising and sold online, but as often as not face-to-face is the best way to explain how a product or service works or to raise brand awareness in a retail environment. Giving customers multiple brand touch points through an integrated campaign that uses different marketing channels provides the greatest reach. There are obvious synergies when multiple channels are used in a campaign.

Award-winning Service

We provide field sales, field marketing, brand experience and staff training services across the UK. We have a proven track record across these disciplines. Our success stems from our hands-on approach and the meticulous planning that is required for each brand campaign. However, the people that we employ to represent our clients are the key and we are proud to have the 2013 Brand Ambassador of the Year working for us. Paula Woods has worked for ODM full time since 2000 and was the winner of the coveted title at the 2013 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards.


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