Our comprehensive two day training course will prepare you for your new role as a Sales Representative on the CIS Programme. It begins with the basics of credit cards and an insight in to the credit card market place, followed by all you need to know about the environment you will be working in, the product you will be selling, and the steps you need to take to ensure you are confident and fully equipped for the job.

During the second day, we will explain what is expected of our Sales Representatives, how your progress is measured, the steps we take to support your development, as well as hands-on practice and role play to help build your confidence and skills required for the role.

There will be several informal quizzes throughout both days to ensure that everybody learns at a comfortable pace, and a competency assessment at the end of the course to give you the confidence that you are ready and equipped to begin your role. After the training course, we will provide continued support via our Sales Coaches, who will accompany you throughout your first shifts with us.

You will be paid a daily fee of £50 for the two day course, and we will contribute to your travel expenses. If you are travelling by public transport, please inform us in advance. If required, we will provide overnight accommodation at the venue, with dinner and breakfast included. All attendees will receive refreshments and lunch throughout the two days.

We are really excited you have decided to come on board with ODM and hope you enjoy your training.