ODM looks back 10 years and finds some retro advertising that still rings true!

by Simon Dawes

ODM is a field marketing business that specialises in providing trained staff to execute face-to-face campaigns for clients, whether that’s promotional or sales campaigns, training, or compliance auditing work.

Last week I was having a nostalgic look back through the archives at some of the advertising campaigns we ran a few years ago. Our world has been transformed by digital channels and social media over the last 10 years, but looking at our retro ‘Dr Doolittle’ ad from 2007, it’s true to say that the need for good, old fashioned face-to-face customer engagement hasn’t changed that much. We can all think of times where actually we’d just prefer to speak to someone face-to-face. And hear it from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Dr Doolittle ad 2007

However I believe when and where we choose face-to-face has changed though.

From a marketer’s perspective the lines are blurring and channels rely on each other to conclude a sale. So, a customer might do their research online, but then go in store to see, feel, and touch the product before buying or to ask the assistant information that isn’t available online, or they might do it the other way round and go into store first.

It’s different for different products; more cars are being sold online without the customer even having taken their chosen model for a test drive. But then I never thought I’d buy shoes online – I like to try them on first. These days I buy them online and if they’re not comfortable, I return them.

Digital marketing is crucial to the success of pretty much any business nowadays, but it’s more and more difficult to get the cut through. It’s harder to be ignored in person. Few people are so rude as to blatantly ignore what you’re saying to them. But in the digital marketing world ignoring is the name of the game – how many of the emails you receive do you even open?

Many of the important conversations the world over are still conducted face-to-face, so if you neglect face-to-face marketing you might find that your business is missing out on a whole segment of customers who value human interaction and customer experience.

So if you think your marketing efforts are being ignored, a little face-to-face effort could go a long way! Speak to us through whichever medium you’d like: face-to-face, email, phone or send me a message...01582 831693;;

ODM's retro adverts 2007

ODM's retro adverts 2007





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