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Partnership Marketing

The Concept:Gousto Media Pack
To develop a regional network of High Street Gousto Partners
Partners role is to endorse Gousto and encourage their customers to subscribe and give Gousto a go
Partners are identified and selected based on their client/customer profile
Territory Managers will engage with Partners and develop brand value/empathy
Partnership agreements will be completed and signed
POS will be placed within Partner establishments (well presented take-one dispensers/brochures)
Partners will be paid for all introduced customers
Territory Managers will be paid for signing up Partner Establishments and all subsequent sales

The Objective:
Each Territory Manager signing 20 new Partner Establishments each month
Partners to deliver just 1-2 sales per week through endorsed sales

The Aim:
To recruit a team of 20 Territory Manager Consultants
To identify/select suitable retail partners by profiling their:

  • Partner’s customers profile:
    • Female, ABC1, 25-45, cash rich/time poor, food lovers, healthy lifestyle
  • Partner’s environment:
    • Strong customer relationships, dwell/engagement time, footfall, POS

Who are the potential Partners?
The initial focus will be in the Hair & Beauty sector

    • Hair & Beauty Salons, Nail studios, Spa/Treatment Centres
    • Ladies independent shops (Boutiques, shoes etc)

There is great synergy with the customers and the Gousto offering

    • They are discerning customers, looking for the best brands and products, they enjoy the finer things in life
    • They are aspirational
    • They are just too busy and time poor to be inspirational in the kitchen
    • They find food shopping can be a chore and being creative with ingredients becomes a headache
    • They are always looking to find a more efficient solution to a problem
    • They want to eat healthily but enjoy fine food
    • They want to be heroes in the kitchen
    • The Partners know their customers incredibly well and have developed a personal relationship with many of them
    • They have great dialogue with their customers and they have time to talk to them
    • The customers trust them
    • We want the Partners to share Gousto and all of its features with their customers
    • And we want to reward them handsomely for doing so!

Other Partners?
There is no definitive restriction on Partner selection, but they must fit some key criteria:

    • Gousto ambassadors, they have to love the product!
    • Strong customer relationships, dwell/engagement time, footfall, suitable POS placement
    • Largely Female, ABC1, 25-45, cash rich/time poor, food lovers, healthy lifestyle

So it could be a private dentist surgery, Physio practise, Health club, Independent non food retailer (flower shop, boutiques)

What are the commercial details?

Partner Model -

  • Point of Sale material – Brochures & gift cards in a dispenser will be placed in a suitable and agreeable location in the Partner establishment. ie: reception counter, coffee table, magazine rack
  • The Partner will be paid £40.00 for every customer subscription originating from a brochure and unique web/ URL code on their unique gift cards.
  • As an indication of income: Just 1 subscription per week is £2080 income per year Or 4 subscriptions per week is £8320.00 income per year
  • Payment can be made to the business, the owner, a charity etc

Territory Consultant Model -

  • £75.00 per new Partner establishment sign up – target of 20 / month = £1500.00/month
  • £5.00 per originated subscription (expectation of 1 subscription per Partner /week)
  • OTE year 1 = £42,000.00
  • OTE Year 2 = £52,000.00
  • The earnings can be significantly higher if the Partners are more effective than 1 subscription / week

For example; 2 sales per week/partner generates OTE of £70K

Gousto Partnership Marketing

What is the role of the Consultant?
The consultant will be allocated a postcode based territory
The key roles are:

  • Partner recruitment/sign up:
      • Local research & planning
      • Prospect partner visits and presentations to business owners/manager
      • Sample management/commission reports presented
      • Signed Partner Agreements & Unique codes allocated and uploaded
      • POS (brochures & dispensers) placed
      • Gousto subscription for Owner/Manager (this triggers the first commission)
  • Partner Support:
      • Monthly management reports will be delivered showing all sales from Partners
      • Monthly review of Partner performance
      • Quarterly Partner visits (once every three months)
      • POS/Brochure replenishment
      • Re-engagement visits where required or removal of POS
      • Event support – special events with Gousto presence

For more information on Gousto, take a look at the Media Pack

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