20 years of face-to-face sales

Your business may be aware of the value that a face-to-face customer experience can offer, but recruiting and running a proprietary sales team can come with high costs, or your business may not have the expertise to execute a campaign successfully.

Clients often choose us as an outsourcing option as it allows them to test demand, or run tactical campaigns for a specified duration.

By outsourcing your sales requirements to us we can develop and manage the whole channel for you. Not only do we have a proven track record, we also have the systems, the infrastructure and the skills to deliver for you. Some of the big names we've delivered for over the years include John Lewis, American Express, Sainsbury's, Mastercard, Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, NatWest, Yell, Sainsbury's Bank, Bulb and many more.

We use our vast database of skilled sales staff to carefully select a team based on their suitability to the role and your brand. Our staff can work in stores, branches or public venues such as shopping centres, airports, service stations and consumer exhibitions, or undertake business to business sales, in all areas of the UK.

We will work with you to understand your objectives and requirements. Then we will plan a trial and use the learnings from it to build a bespoke field sales team for you, with the appropriate level of training, accreditation and field management. We can provide you with skilled sales staff for short term tactical campaigns, or if your strategy is to a build a standalone acquisition channel, we can do that too.

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ODM Face-to-Face Sales


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