Customer engagement

Promoting products or services

Customer experience is key when it comes to gaining customer interest in a product or service. Engaging with people face-to-face is a fantastic opportunity to bring your product or service to life, whilst explaining the features and benefits, and allowing customers to interact and ask questions.

Store support

During busy trading periods or large in-store campaigns, an extra pair of hands can make a huge difference. Our trained support staff can be on-hand to relieve some of the pressure on your store colleagues and help improve the customer experience.

Whether it is to support queue management or answering customer queries, our team can make those trickier periods run smoothly.

Lead generation

Our sales experience helps us to ensure that we have the end sale at the heart of any lead generation activity. We understand that the conversion rate is critical for the ROI.

Data capture

Our clients are often keen to learn more about their existing customers or seek the opinion of the public. We can help by appropriately engaging with customers, gathering the required information on a bespoke tablet-based platform, built to your requirements. Comprehensive data and MI reporting is available to you, highlighting key insights and trends.

So whether you're a retailer, a local council, a government organisation, a financial services provider, a loyalty company or an FMCG company, we can help you engage with your customers face-to-face.

ODM Customer Engagement


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