iN-STORE Tech Support

Objective: To provide brand ambassadors in trial stores, to support test phase of new tech development designed to improve customer journey and experience in store.

Solution: Working with a major UK retailer, ODM provided brand ambassadors to work in-store to engage with customers about a prototype scanning process to be tested in store. The ODM team were trained to a level where they were able to talk to the retailer’s customers knowledgeably, and encourage a target number of customers per store to download the app and trial the service.

The role also involved demonstrating how to use the service, and then helping customers through a new process at check out.

Results: As this technology has developed, ODM has supported subsequent versions with specialist brand ambassadors in-store and has worked closely with the store colleagues to optimise customer engagement and acceptance.

Most recent activity over 4 consecutive weekends in two stores generated an increase of 90% in customer usage, and high praise from the stores, with one manager saying ODM’s support was invaluable.



Customer & Colleague tech Support

Objective: To visit a large retailer’s stores to support a strategic in-store loyalty campaign which was heavily reliant on both customers and colleagues understanding the functionality and being able to operate a touchscreen kiosk designed to facilitate voucher printing and redemption.

Solution: Our tactical team identified brand ambassador staff with the appropriate skills. They needed to have a certain level of technical skill as well as training ability. ODM provided its brand ambassadors training which included delivering a step-by-step guide to the functionality of the kiosks. Each brand ambassador was also provided with necessary kit and uniform.  

Results: Attended over 100 stores nationwide within a two week period, and trained 1-2 staff per store.  Provided customer engagement support and completed over 2,500 kiosk demonstrations for customers.

Client Marketing Manager feedback:

“ODM are a fantastic support for us, we have been working with them for many years now on various colleague training and customer engagement projects.  They are particularly good at responding to our changing business needs and adapting to our requirements.”



Retail Audit

Objective: To visit stores to undertake an audit on prototype loyalty point of sale materials in a number of trial stores, and provide accurate and timely feedback.

Solution: ODM’s IT team identified a data capture app and modified it for the client’s needs. Suitable brand ambassadors close to the stores were selected and were provided with the necessary tools and training to undertake the project.

Results: All audits were completed on time within the 3 day time frame, with all questions answered in full. Photos of the point of sale materials in situ were uploaded via the app and feedback was provided to client on a daily basis.

Subsequent to this initial audit, ODM has been asked to undertake a wider ranging campaign to audit loyalty POS in 270 stores and to gather feedback from store colleagues and management.