Antony MauderAs one of the directors of ODM, Antony's eye for detail is a perfect complement to Simon’s emotive, quick decision making process, like two mixologists creating a well balanced cocktail! Antony and Simon have worked together for 15 of the last 20 years. Their only period of separation was when Antony joined American Express to head up the Direct Sales channel across Europe. With the success of ODM it didn’t take too long for Simon to persuade Antony that his rightful place was at his side on the board. Antony has been with ODM since 2002 and his responsibilities include marketing and business development.

Antony is a keen sportsman, with a solid track record on the village cricket pitch or at the end of a ping pong table (if you can call that a sport) and he throws himself down a snowy mountain with impressive style in hot pursuit of his two children.

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